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Boost your chances of attaining a license for your adult family home business with Proactive Solutions, LLC. Our packages are designed to help you develop processes that will improve your operations and prepare your business for licensing. We take pride in providing our clients with quality services.

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Mission Statement

Proactive Solutions LLC provides quality individualized consultation services with a personal touch to assist adult family home (AFH) business owners in the operation of their home.


“You are priceless”


“Sherise is knowledgeable and passionate in what she does. Her guidance in interpreting AFH codes is priceless. She is wonderful to work with.”

Peter and Josephine

“Working with Sherise has been fantastic. She has turned the complicated chaos of the Adult Family Home inspection and licensing process and streamlined it into simple, achievable steps...and she’s been there every step of the way. She’s reliable, knowledgeable, and accommodating. Our experience under her guidance has been nothing but positive. I cannot say enough about her superior standards of professionalism and competence. Thanks Sherise!”

Dave and Kristen

“When I look back and think about Proactive Solutions ,it’s the best decision I made as a new provider to have you on board. You are efficient , proactive , organized , knowledgeable and wise which you have shared wonderful information to help me run my business and stay on top of things .Thank you for all you do .Am glad our paths crossed. Looking forward to doing more business with you.”

Anne F.

“If you are looking for an Adult Family Home (AFH) consultant, I strongly recommend Sherise Baltazar! Aside from having vast knowledge of the business, backed up by her DSHS credentials -, the following are just some of the traits we appreciate about her:
1. Attention to detail —You will agree once you see her structured portfolio and business agenda! Gets point across and makes sure client understands a difficult concept.

2. Flexible — She will work with your schedule; I love the online meetings, video conferencing, and screen sharing experience!

3. Genuine — excellent soft skills and technical expertise!

4. Excellent customer service — responds to calls, emails, messages the same day or ASAP.”


“…She had patience and tact and above all she was polite, respectful, and understood my pain. She sat down with my residents, talked with my families, checked all my paperwork. Now I thought I was the "queen of paperwork" and she humbled me. I realized that my accumulated knowledge over 15 plus years was "small potatoes" compared to hers.
I came out clean like "Snow White" from all those investigations due to her expertise and I can NOT thank her enough for all she had done for me…”


Proactive Solutions walked me through the entire process of opening our AFH in 2019. I am an Army Veteran and knew very little about the AFH care industry. Sherise was key to a successful inspection and license approval. They go above and beyond what they contract for and I can't thank Proactive Solutions enough. As a former U.S. Army Special Forces Soldier, I appreciate a good subject matter expert. Proactive Solutions is the best you'll find.


I would highly recommend your services to any future clients to use your company for consultation without a doubt.


" We highly recommend Sherise with PROACTIVE SOLUTIONS, LLC to anyone who is considering of starting an Adult Family Home/Senior Care business.
We are so grateful for all her support & guidance from preparing our senior care facility during construction by meeting with our General Contractor to make sure all work done meet or exceed the WA State requirement to helping us in creating our Policies & Procedures.
Sherise is very KNOWLEDGEABLE, PROFESSIONAL, & PERSONABLE. We passed all building inspections and WA State inspection with no deficiency at all because of Sherise's help.
We're so thankful to Sherise for all her support and many great advices during & after our licensing process."


Going through the process of delving into the Adult Family Home business has been made easy by having Sherise on board. She is a solution to ALL the queries. Her expertise and knowledge is an email or phone call away. I would not imagine how I would manage without her guidance, now and in future AFH endeavors.


I am signed up for monthly maintenance checks with Proactive Solutions and I couldn't be happier with them. The experts, Sherise and now MaryAnn, are teaching how to ensure the maximum efficiency and establish consistent practices to improve the performance and safety within my AFH. Sherise is always very knowledgeable and professional. Glad to have them on my team.


I am extremely satisfied with Proactive Solutions for the way they handled my needs as a new AFH provider. It would have been extremely overwhelming for me to navigate through the requirements of registration, policy writing and application of my license without help from Proactive. Sherise and her team have a wide knowledge of this healthcare field and I wish to recommend anyone who needs support in this healthcare industry to consult Proactive Solutions.


I have great confidence in the efficiency and timely response, I received.


"I brought Sherise on board from day 1 started remodeling the home to application process, to my initial licensing process. I will always work with Sherise. She reminds me of all renewal dates of all my paper work and licenses, and she is very experienced in AFH's. What a relief!"


"Proactive Solutions LLC like the company name, is truly a blessing and they are proactive. Sherise is very welcoming and knowledgeable about the business and above all she was very patient with us as we went through the long one-year journey to get licensed.

In this AFH licensing process you need an advocate on your side not only to offer strength, knowledge but an ear to listen to the many frustrations and hurdles one must skip. Sherise understood and she was empathetic above all. Thanks to you and your team, we are on our way to get our first client."



“…Proactive Solutions LLC has proven to be unique in both educational techniques and fair pricing. We at 1st Charleon AFH appreciate your unique professionalism and excellent knowledge. Forever, we shall seriously continue to take your smart professional directives. Thank you for giving us a peace of mind.”


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Installing Zoom for Online Meetings

Proactive Solutions, LLC conducts our Online Meetings using Zoom. This software allows us to video chat as well as view different documents together via a screen share. It can be downloaded for free in preparation for our online meeting at:

Privacy & Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy - Proactive Solutions LLC does not release client information to third parties.  Your information will only be released as necessary to official state agency departments as required in your certification process.


Terms and Conditions - All services and rates are subject to change.  Current information can be found in the packages section or by contacting us.