Strengthen the Operations of Your Adult Family Home Business

Look no further than Proactive Solutions, LLC in Olympia, WA when you need an adult family home (AFH) consultant. I am experienced as an AFH Policy Manager for RCS and have licensed AFH providers. These roles were significant for me in gaining valuable insight and expertise in the licensing and processes needed for an AFH.

Apart from helping business owners in attaining a license, I also assist currently licensed AFH providers. Through the Proactive Package, you will learn how to develop policies, implement systems, and organize and maintain records. I establish individualized systems and policies that will ensure the successful operation of your business.



This package begins with a thorough inspection that emulates a full inspection conducted by the Department. There will be a written comprehensive assessment of the following:

  • Medication System
  • Record Management
  • Staff Records/Training
  • Resident Records
  • Emergency/Disaster Plan
  • Daily Operations
  • Physical Environment - not limited to bedrooms, bathrooms, and health/safety issues


Based on the results, a written individualized work plan will be developed and implemented. I will collaborate with you to help you carry out the work plan. These may include:

  • Developing a Medication Policy
  • Updating Resident and Staff Records
  • Streamlining Systems for Proficiency
  • Archiving Records
  • Miscellaneous Operational Needs